About Us

JSA Investment Club is an association founded in 2011 at Jönköping International Business School, with approximately 150 students as members.

The purpose of the JIC is to arrange interesting and educational events, with the goal of achieving a greater interest in finance in the school, as well as providing our members with an insight of how it is to work in the financial industry.

Our vision is to become the obvious choice for all students at Jönköping University who whish to learn more about finance. We work closely with our partners in the business community to offer members and partners a platform to network, establish contacts and to exchange knowledge. Hosting seminars, lunch lectures and competing in competitions are only the tip of the iceberg when it come’s to what we can offer.

Meat The Team

Our team is composed of talented individuals that are very passionate in what they do.


Lukas Kipper




Gabriella Sundkvist

Vice President



Colman Etelkozi

Head of Education

Dev Joshi

Head of Sponsors and Relations



John Petersen

Head of Capital Management



Lotta Kortered

Head of Communication

Ioan Tepes

Head of Marketing

Caspar Krol

Head of Events

Joakim Walldoff

Senior Advisor


Join Our Team

We are always looking for passionated individuals who love investing, equities and education. Send a request and we will get back to you.